Stop looking at the mirror. It is causing you to create a false image of your self. You are beautiful, God created everyone unique and beautiful, therefore no one has the right to rebuke you and call you fat or ugly. We need to stride to become healthy, not thin. Everyone has their own UNIQUE equilibrium of weight and health, so if it doesn’t match up with the fucked up society’s definition of beauty, then tell society so step the fuck down because its YOUR health and you do NOT need to be doing self harm. 

Just a follower who found it pretty interesting that you might know some people that I know. :D have a great day!

hmmmm the SDA community doesn’t know about me yet… so please don’t be talking about me please

lol I saw that your SDA, Korean, and from Atlanta. So I thought that you might know them! I know some of the people from Atlanta, and I saw someone who looked like Ezra in one of your photos.

I don’t think i have a any pictures with Ezra on tumblr tho :0 i’m not that close with him… we have a lot of mutuals tho. who is you tho…?